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"He was a sweet kid... He was our bambino. A real mob kid. We called him Knox. His name was Eric." (source)

Eric is the darling of Heaven's Mafia. Ernest has practically adopted him; Francie bakes him cookies and brings him little treats; Star treats him like a favorite little brother. Jody explains her schemes to him. Ruby clings to him like a lifeline. And, all the time, Eric never says a word.

Only Mike knows why Eric doesn't talk, but you'd have to get him pretty d—n drunk to get the story out of him...

Swing low, swing low, sweet cherubim,
I'll carry you to Heaven
And lay you in my Father's arms,
And you will be forgiven.

What sin, what sin, sweet child of mine,
Condemned you to this prison?
Fear you no more, my little one,
For you will be forgiven.

Did you, did you, God's sweetest son,
Once dignify a demon?
For shame on pride, dear little soul,
It all will be forgiven.

(Forget, forget, the willows pray.
More than one angel guards you.
Lay down to sleep, should you be hurt.
No snares nor swordpoint scars you.

Forget, forget, and mark my scent
To follow where I lead you.
I am your eyes, sure as your breath,
You'll see me when you need to.)


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