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Kangaroo-hoo-hoo!"Ruby talks pretty freely unless Angelo's around, in which case she just listens in case he needs something from her. She tries to be cheerful, but she usually falls prey to Angelo's perpetual gloom. She tries to be whatever Angelo needs her to be, as she's subconsciously competing with Angelo's invisible girlfriend for his favor and affection." -Tenne

In case the above paragraph didn't clue you in, Ruby's life revolves in slow circles around Angelo. Ready and willing to help, she is perhaps the most well-loved member of Heaven's Mafia... at least among the guys. She is known for her ability to listen patiently to anything, from Ernest's complaints to Dolly's rare prattling, and even to Lily's endless advice on how to attract Angelo.

And the punch line? Angelo adores her, but by nature he's disinclined to tell her more than once or twice a year. It drives Ruby crazy.

Ruby: ...and return home to his beautiful wife, Imelda, who was the most loving, devoted woman a man could ask—
Box: Objection!
Ruby: [exasperated] Now what?!
Box: The plaintiff is describing herself in third person.
Angelo: [with a slight smile] Sustained.