You want to talk to us?
Is that a good thing?
Do you have a complaint?
Oh, no! Where did we go wrong?

If the ridiculous introduction hasn't deterred you, then you certainly deserve a chance to initiate contact. Pardon us while we compartmentalize.

If you want to speak particularly to one of the authoresses (i.e., to Tenne about a copyright quibble or a spelling error [PLEASE mention these—Tenne loves orthographists], to Halfwest about the artwork)...

Halfwest Tenne
Ravenna Halfwest
Sorry! Halfwest is
no longer available
to the general public.
Tenne Mouse
Livejournal: tennemouse
AIM: Tenne Mouse

If you have a question/comment about a character or so, then email one of us with the name(s) in the subject line. If you're not sure which character is which, and you'd rather not fish around for names, just make the subject "squirrel dude" or "that guy who smokes" or "the rabbit with the bow tie" or... you get the idea. We'll know who you're talking about if you're specific because we know our characters very thoroughly because we have no lives. (Please bear in mind that Halfwest has a little more life than Tenne can't tell Cody and Rafe apart offhand, but other than that we're good.)

If you have a question about one of the stories, then email one of us with the title of the story in the subject.

If you have a technical question or comment (i.e., about the HTML, the pictures, the backgrounds, the theology, the National Parsnip Association), then... um... well, you better ask Tenne.

Okay, done now. Thanks awfully for sitting through this.

*quote from J.G.S. in '04 or so—she demands credit, and we love her so whatever