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Francie is a mother by nature. She fusses over the various members of Heaven's Mafia, making sure they eat and sleep and all those little essential things that aren't quite so essential now that they're all dead but which are still familiar and comforting. No matter what time Box wakes up, no matter how late Joe & Jody return from an assignment, Francie is in the kitchen with fresh coffee and munchies.

The others are subdued with her, out of respect. Only the incorrigible Star is bouncy around her; even Box holds back his enthusiasm somewhat. Francie, in her turn, keeps her troubles to herself, only confiding in Mike. Danny, who is especially close to her, knows more of her history than anyone but Angelo.

Don't be fooled by the polka-dot skirt. There's more to this koala than meets the eye.

Box: Objection!
Jody: [heatedly] You didn't object to Fran.
Box: [cheerfully] She makes me breakfast.

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