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Ernest: I know that Star's addicted to kumquats.
Star: Hey, it's an honest obsession.
Ernest: Kumquats.
Star: Okay, okay. Shut up.


When you think of an otter, you probably think of something cute, playful, and kind of fishy. And that's exactly the image Star projects; between his inane chatter, friendly badgering, and passionate fondness for kumquats, he can make even Ernest smile.

Star isn't put off by silence or strength; he gravitates towards those with immense physical power—such as Ernest, Mike, and Tony. However, he doesn't know quite what to do with the depressed and the antisocial—such as Angelo and Cody. He gets along well enough with Joe, and cheerfully falls for every prank that Jody plays on him.

Is this really Star's true self? Or is he hiding something behind his cheery smile? Only Eric knows, and he never speaks...