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"Dolores is very withdrawn unless she's with Mike, with whom she talks eagerly. She thinks of Mike as a protector and older brother; Mike sees her as a niece whom he is permitted, by divine right, to spoil. She started out optimistic, but now her conservative optimism carries an edge of desperation." -Tenne

For the record, Dolores (generally called Dolly) is a marten. If you don't know what that is... well, it's like a ferret, only completely different. Look it up or something.

Dolly suffers from acute "new girl" syndrome; no matter how long she stays in the Mafia, she'll always feel a little shy, even around her dear Mike, and she'll never get completely used to her job. Ruby can put her temporarily at ease with a little girl-talk through the thin wall between their rooms, but this wears off quickly when anyone else shows up.

Despite (because of?) her painful shyness, Dolly has exquisite manners. She won't complain if Joe or Ernest rant at her, though she may be reduced to tears by their callousness. She really, truly appreciates Eric and Rags in that they never make her talk or embarrass her; while Tony unnerves her, she doesn't mind his company too much. She adores Jasper, so of course she's extra shy around him.

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