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Once upon a time, when Jody first joined Heaven's Mafia, she was just like Dolly: shy, skittish, and rather shocked by the goings-on.

Then she met Joe. They hit off right away.

These days, the pretty young raccoon spends her spare time playing tricks on... just about everybody. She has adopted Joe's devil-may-care flamboyancy, probably in self-defense. The only way she even remotely resembles Dolly is that they died at around the same time.

A quick warning: Box + Jody = Chaos. They are the afterlife's most conniving pranksters, with no limit to their trouble-making capability. It usually takes the combined efforts of Angelo and Mike to sort out their messes.

Box: [settling down] So the judge called for order, and Walnut's lawyer stood up and launched into a tirade about wooden shoes because he was court-appointed and he hated Walnut's guts, and—
Jody: Objection!
Box: [turning] Beg pardon?
Jody: The defendant is green.
Box: [with dignity] I'm the plaintiff.
Jody: Whatever.