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These two are fraternal twins. They're sort of the "Bonnie and Clyde" of Heaven's Mafia, absolutely inseparable under ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. When joined up with Box, the three of them have so much collective perkiness, the others would probably kill themselves if they weren't all already dead. The twins aren't as innocent as Box. They are instead vastly energetic and driven. There is probably nothing these two cannot do together if they set their minds to do it.

And when I say they do everything together, I mean everything. They eat together, they sleep together (meaning in the same bed—no twincest!), if one gets up to leave the room, no matter what the reason, the other follows. Always. No exceptions. Ever. Almost ever. They're not codependent, they're just... like that. And I mean they are always in the same room. Hell, when one of them goes to the bathroom, the other goes in too and stands there preening in the mirror or just standing around or something. But the not-codependent part is important to remember. If they are asked to take seperate roles in an assignment, that's okay. They'll live (sorta). They operate just fine independently. They simply see no reason not to be with each other every second of every hour of every day for the rest of eternity.