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Just some dumb squirrel. Rafe: [doubles over in a coughing fit]
Cody: You know, that's really annoying.
Rafe: [gasping for air] Sorry. I'll try to die next time.
Cody: Thanks, that'd be cool.

Type: squirrel
Looks: black fur
Height: 10 units
Wears: yellow coat
Wings: blue jay

There are squirrels, and there are squirrels. Mike is the former; Cody is decidedly the latter.

Cody simply doesn't care, one way or the other, what anyone else says or does. He knows what he wants, and complains if he isn't satisfied, but otherwise he is simply lukewarm.

Nobody knows what to make of this ferocious apathy, but none of them like it. Some, like Ernest and Star, give him a hard time about it; some try to ignore it; a few—including Angelo—are often provoked to cold rage by the squirrel's deliberate insensitivity.

Rooms with: Jasper
Inseparable from: nobody
Interested in: Lily
Interesting to: Lily, Francie

username: squirlforprez
date: whatever
subject: everybody here is a total d——

Angelo b——ed me out today for talking to Rafe. Jeez. What's his problem?

And Joe backed him up. The little bastard.

How'd I get stuck with these creeps?

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