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"Danny was the advisor. He had been lucky enough to live a full life on earth and die naturally, unlike the rest of the Mafia. Danny was a ginger cat, about Angelo's height, who wore his trademark long blue scarf, a prop which had proven indispensable on more than one Underworld rescue mission. He was not the quickest cat that ever set foot in the afterlife, but he was wise. His advice made him the most treasured member of the elite gathering."

Well, in a professional sense. No one can quite make sense of his hobby, which is translating obscure works of literature into obscure languages. Nonetheless, he is greatly respected and generally loved.

Having had a pleasant and quiet old age, Danny is rather mellow and even-tempered. However, under certain circumstances, he will rattle off some stern chastisement—in Gaelic, if he's talking to Ernest, and in any number of languages for Box. At most other times, he is agreeable and grandfatherly: your classic erudite old fellow.

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