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Jasper is one of those types who, upon discovering their ethnic heritage, gets a name change and an appropriate tattoo. Therefore, it's hardly a surprise that he appears in Purgatory as a coyote with painted blue ears.

He has a very Native American taste for nature. Since his room is on the second floor, he can climb out onto the roof and hang out with the birds—to the dry amusement of Cody, who happens to be his roommate. He is usually very quiet, even with Dolly, whom he adores; of course, this makes him an excellent listener, so he's not exactly unpopular.

Lily: Who left you flowers, girlie?
Dolly: Oh... um...
Lily: Come on, tell me. I won't let it get around.
Dolly: ...Jasper.
Lily: [gawks] That little tombstone gave you flowers?!
Dolly: [blush] Twice.

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