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You're missing a fine picture. "He led, not because he wanted to, but because nobody else was capable or willing."

Type: gray wolf
Looks: unkempt silver-gray fur, green eyes
Height: 10 units
Wears: tan/black jacket
Wings: light blue / sparrow (depending upon the occasion)

Despite his position, the left-handed wolf prefers to tackle missions on his own. This is not only against the rules, but also not too smart—since the Mafiosi are often up against some of Hell's nastiest demons; though the chase is always futile for the antagonists, it's a rough little "game" which often results in injury all around. Box and Ruby (and Mike) are forever after Angelo to keep him out of trouble. Not that he doesn't appreciate it...

Rooms with: himself
Inseparable from: nobody
Interested in: Ruby, Box, Mike, Joe
Interesting to: pretty much everyone else

username: another_eidolon
date: do I know?
subject: I hate my afterlife

Box... sucks.
A lot.

That is all.