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"Joe, a coppery [?] mouse in an oversized overcoat, was the one who led expeditions to the Underworld when one of Satan's little demons managed to get hold of a soul. Apparently it wasn't enough for the Boss to assign this group to the job of ruining lives; they also had to rescue "missing" children—a task which inevitably ended in uncelebrated victory. But Joe was above feeling unappreciated. He enjoyed the speed of the chase. Everything about Joe was quick, especially his mouth and his temper—but, despite his rebellious air, he was a loyal friend to Angelo." -Halfwest

Joe may be 100% mouse, but his slightly ambiguous profile leaves him open to reams of horrible rat jokes, and he is teased for his shortness just on principle. Like almost everything else in the world, these ribbings infuriate him. He and Angelo often come to blows, but they'll be friends by the next card game. Good-natured Mike often serves as a verbal punching bag of sorts, but even Joe knows better than to physically attack him.

The mouse is definitely partial to Jody—though you might not think so while they're in public. The duo easily outdoes any other pair in Heaven's Mafia for sheer panache and derring-do. They might talk big and boast like ringmasters, but they get the job done.

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