Anna: *thoroughly unnerved* For goodness sakes! You're all so quiet!

Type: ferret
Looks: sleek chestnut fur
Height: 10 units
Wears: flapper dress, bracelets
Wings: not on record

Once secretary to Angelo's old boss Frank, Anna not only has a very unsecretarial personality, but a mildly annoying one; she talks constantly in the most airheaded fashion. Even Dolly thinks she's not very bright. Anna is also hopelessly devoted to Angelo—so Ruby is her sworn enemy. For his part, Angelo doesn't think much of her, but lets her babble at him for old times' sake.

It's not even that Anna is stupid... she just thinks in shorthand.

Rooms with: herself
Inseparable from: Angelo
Interested in: Angelo, Rags
Interesting to: Rags, Ruby, and of course Box

username: mafiagrrl
date: I dont know... I can ask
subject: a good day

2day was good!! we went 2 canada n it was COLD!!! :-( but Michael did everything quick so it was ok :-D Angelo is missing, i hope hes ok..

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