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"The fifth member was a scheming feline by the name of Tony. He wore a tattered black leather trenchcoat, and rarely spoke more than a single word at a time. If Angelo was the embodiment of quiet, Tony was absolute silence. He specialized in planning and executing most of the retrieval maneuvers in the Underworld. The fact that he knew and taught the others every secret passageway in all three worlds made him perfect for spying as well. Spying was the only way the group ever really knew what was going on, since they were often overlooked when it came to reporting the news."
(source [edited])

While Eric is apparently mute, Tony is just monosyllabic or less. He prefers such simple answers as "uh-huh" and "nuh-uh"; anything else will be answered with a shrug or a look. Anna he ain't.

He isn't exactly partial to Lily, but she has chosen him nonetheless as her near-constant companion. When Lily's feeling out of spirits, Tony is always there, silent and strong and oddly comforting. With the others, he tends to be just unnerving. Angelo and Mike are used to this; Joe will never, ever get the message, and persistently bothers the reticent cat until a lightning-fast blow sends him flying across the room. On the other hand, Star can goad him into actual conversation; he and Rafe are not scared of the powerful feline in the least.

If asked who is the least popular member of Heaven's Mafia besides Bosco, Tony will inevitably point to himself. He doesn't seem to realize that he is greatly respected, and more than a little loved.

No, we don't know what he's doing in that picture. The artist forgot, and I'm just the narrator. Feel free to theorize.

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