This website is dedicated, first and foremost, to Halfwest, the creatrix of Heaven's Mafia, its main authoress and artist, and the dearest of all my friends. (Tenne engineered the site, but that's like bragging that you made the paper on which Shakespeare wrote his manuscripts.) We owe Heaven's Mafia to her—and we owe her twin, Twyla, who rests in the quiet realm of Limbo until the Second Coming, for turning Halfwest's thoughts ever towards the afterlife and its connection to the living world. Thus the primary dedication is tripled: to Halfwest, to Twyla, and to all the little souls who have gone to their rest.

Secondly, to Rue, who is hosting us on her lovely domain! Now we're—and doesn't that just have the nicest ring to it? She is also just a wonderful person in general, and we love her. <3

Thirdly, to all the artists who have inspired me as a writer—particularly the amazing VeeVee. They deserve a little appreciation!
Note: we have obtained explicit permission to link to Nicole Cardiff, Adele Sessler, Sarah Cunningham, Lauren Snyder, Jenny Dolfen, Jens Höffgen, Jennifer Marie Bryan, Cassandra Gun, and Laura Congiu; the rest of these links are currently up without permission; if there are any copyright quibbles, please contact us and we'll settle it with you immediately. None of these artists are in any way affiliated with Heaven's Mafia. The ideas expressed on the artists' sites do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Heaven's Mafia writers.

>>> Brenda Boschma <<<

And, saving the best for last: to all those innocent bystanders whom I have recruited to listen to stories, give opinions on my websites, and comment on everything and anything about Heaven's Mafia. These include my close friends, the Birds; my parents, reliable if slightly obtuse sounding boards on theological concepts; and my siblings, the best little critics ever.