This friendly chap is Jeremiah Bosco. Joe's a mouse, and very decidedly so, but there's no mistaking this rat for what he is! Call him Bosco, or even Miah if you're daring, but if you so much as murmur the name Jerry in his presence he will rip out your throat. That isn't an exaggeration.

This boy is a terror to behold and no one can quite seem to fathom what he's doing here instead of down below. Seriously, Bosco is the most nightmarish thing you're likely to see outside of Hell. The rest of Heaven's Mafia generally figure he got in through a loophole. He's big, he's black, he has spindly little hands on which he wears black knitted gloves with the fingers chewed—yes, chewed—off. He has immense incisors, and not only that—his canine fangs match their freakish and curved length.

Despite his horrifying countenance (which, by the way, has skills to match), he's a damn good worker. No one except Box can dispense of a demon horde faster than Bosco. His methods are a little unconventional—Ernie and Mike are the decided knock-'em-down-drag-em-out champions of the heavyhitters, but Bosco is smaller, swifter—and, where he passes, he leaves a trail of blood instead of bruises. He seems a little more than half a real animal most times.

Nobody in Heaven's Mafia really particularly likes Bosco. The closest one to that point of actually Angelo. All of them appreciate him for his skills—and he is immensely skilled—but all, even Angelo, are wary of him.

Interestingly, and some may say creepily as well, Bosco prays more than any of them. In fact, members of Heaven's Mafia are rarely heard to murmur words to God when they are gathered as a group. They all have their private prayers, of course... but Bosco never seems to stop. In card games, he sits with his eyes half shut and recites the Ave Maria, the Our Father, every prayer in the Bible and every prayer outside it.

((Culled which means, in this case, edited/amended slightly and copied from Halfwest's original characterization.))

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